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The Oster Lithium+Ion Volt clipper is designed with Heavy Duty Cordless Power and extreme Run Times in mind.
Oster Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Clipper

This unique product features a detachable Li-Ion battery that runs up to 2hrs on a single charge, while also providing quick charge capability to further extend your cordless cutting time. When you combine this with its lightweight ergonomic design and the extreme power you get from the Li-Ion battery technology, you can feel comfortable knowing that you are using the right tools to keep your animal well groomed and looking its best all year long.

    Oster Volt Li+ION Clipper Features:
  • Li-Ion Battery provides continuous power and holds a longer charge
    • Li-Ion provides consistent power versus Nicad batteries during use
    • Li-Ion loses only 3% of its charge a month when not in use vs. 30% for NiMH and 15% to 30% for Nicad
  • #10 Blade comes on the clipper
  • Uses all A5 Detachable Blades
  • Heavy Duty single speed rotary motor design (2400 SPM)
  • Lightweight Ergonomic Design
    • Li-Ion Battery is half the weight of Nicad & NiMH batteries
    • Clipper Weight: 15.2 ounces vs. A5 16.9 ounces
    • Clipper Dimensions: 8" L x 1.75" W x 1.5" D
  • Clearcoat protectant Protects from dirt, smudges, & fingerprints
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Purple A6 3-Speed Oster Dog Clipper
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Introducing the ultimate clipping machine, from Oster. The A6 clipper combines Oster's most compact ergonomic design ever built with a high efficiency, precision tuned, heavy duty motor that runs at over 4,000 SPM.
Oster A6 Ultimate 3-Speed Dog Clipper

It also features a patent pending drive system that provides an ultra smooth and efficient cutting experience for the user. For additional comfort we have also added new patent pending VIBRATION ISOLATORS, that are centered around the motor, to help absorb vibration and noise resulting in a natural feel for all day grooming.

Three operating speeds make every job easier: Low 3100 spm for delicate clipping such as face or feet. Medium 3600 spm for all-round cutting. High speed 4100 spm really digs in for fast, hard grooming.

Uses same blades as Oster A-5 dog clippers

    Oster A-6 3-Speed Dog Grooming Clippers Includes
  • Clipper FACEPLATE - securely sealed to keep fur out
  • Drive System - provides a revolutionary cutting performance and quick drive lever replacement
  • Zinc alloy technology - combines a lightweight feel with long-lasting durability
  • High Efficiency Motor - provides a cooler running experience
  • Vibration Isolators - absorbs vibration and noise, for complete,all-day grooming comfort
  • One Hand Operation Switch - with quick and easy selection of 3 speeds
  • 12 FT POWER CORD - specifically designed to minimize outlet space
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Ideal for finishing touches around eyes, ears and legs.
Oster Pro-cord / Cordless Dog & Horse Trimmer

Oster's new Pro-Cord / Cordless Trimmer makes trimming hard-to-reach areas easy to trim.

Oster Pro-Cord Cordless Trimmer Features:

  • Sleek ergonomic design with soft touch grip.
  • Use with cord or as a cordless with long run time.
  • Extra narrow blade (1- 3/8") for precise trimming Includes Extra blade
  • Detachable blades make changing easy and fast
  • Includes recharger unit.
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Oster Golden A-5 Dog Clippers are the most popular professional clippers ever produced.
sale Oster Golden A-5 Dog Clippers

Built for continuous use with a powerful motor and precision-engineered blades. Double-insulated, cooler running, meets OSHA specifications. New, Virtually unbreakable housing!

Comes with or without a #10 blade

Oster A-5 Dog Grooming Clippers Include

  • Oster A-5 Clipper (Golden A-5)
  • #10 Blade (unless specified without)
  • Tube of clipper grease & tube of lubricating oil
  • Cleaning brush
  • Extra brush & spring assembly

Customer Review: I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your FAST service. My job depends on my clippers, and I had to have a new clipper ASAP after I dropped mine and broke the case. Thank you!

Customer Review: I am very happy with my purchase. It came in just 3 days, and I groomed my dog in no time.

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Oster Golden A-5 Two-Speed Dog Grooming Clippers go one better than the traditional Golden A-5 Clipper. They have a built-in high speed for booster power.
Sale Oster Golden A-5 2-speed Dog Clippers

Two operating speeds make every job easier: Low for general grooming and precise clipping - high speed for fast body clipping.

New, Virtually unbreakable housing! Uses same blades as Oster A-5 dog clippers

  • Oster A-5 2-Speed Dog Grooming Clippers Includes
  • Oster A-5 2-Speed Clipper (Golden)
  • #10 blade (unless specified otherwise)
  • Tube of clipper grease & tube of lubricating oil
  • Cleaning brush
  • Extra brush & spring assembly
  • 110 Volt
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Oster Turbo A5 2-speed clippers have two Super Speeds! that cut at over 4000 strokes per minute! That makes cutting time faster, and gives you cut a smoother appearance. They're more powerful; Over 45 rated wattage.
for Heavier Coated BreedsOster Turbo A-5 2-speed Dog Clippers
  • Oster A-5 Turbo 2-Speed Dog Grooming Clippers Feature:
  • Virtually unbreakable housing guarantees longer life.
  • Uses same blades as Golden a-5 PLUS Take-Down-Quick Blades
  • Wider Blade Sweep -blades move faster and farther.
  • Cooler running - cooler housing and cooler blades than leading competitor
  • Includes #10 blade
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More powerful. Over 4000 strokes per minute! Fastest 2-speed clipper in the West!. Built for continuous use with a powerful motor, precision-engineered blades, and break-resistant housing. Will do a full-body clip on horse (or large dog) with ease and still comfortable enough that a woman can handle it without arm fatigue.
Oster Turbo A-5 2-Speed Large Animal Clippers with #10 Wide Elite Blade

Powerful, 45 watt, cool running universal motor, faster blade speed and wider blade sweep help you groom more efficiently for greater productivity. Ice Blue housings are made of an ultra durable and strong material that holds up to the toughest work conditions. Turbo powered for higher strokes per minute Strokes Per Minute: 3,100/4,000

    Turbo A-5 2 Speed Large Animal Clipper Features:
  • Two turbo speeds: low speed for precise clipping and high speed for body clipping
  • Includes more efficient #10 WIDE blade for even faster clip downs
  • Virtually unbreakable housing !
  • Incredible versatility. Uses same blades as Golden A-5 and Power Pro clippers. Uses both A-5 Blades and Take-Down-Quick blades.
  • Wider Blade Sweep - blades mover faster and farther. Glides through thick matted hair for faster cutting in less time. This clipper can perform through thick or thin, coarse or fine, or damp or dry hair.
  • Cooler running - cooler housing and cooler blades than leading competitor
  • FREE Carrying case

While Supplies Last - FREE Handy Carrying Case

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Oster Kool Lube III is a quick, effective lubricant that provides instant cooling, lubrication and cleaning for your clipper blades.
Oster Kool Lube III

Oster Kool Lube New Formula

Simply spray Kool Lube III through the clipper blades occasionally, during the time you are clipping. It is non-flammable and non-conductive and can be sprayed while equipment is running. The results are reduced friction, heat and less blade wear without a heavy residue of oil.

Customer Review: The Cool Lube is a big help. I had been changing the blade out every few minutes with a spare that I kept in the freezer. Your staff convinced me to try this instead (since I was not lubricating the blade my way). This is a LOT easier.

Neither Kool Lube nor Blade Wash can be shipped by air

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Oster "Take Down Quick" Clipper Blades
Take Down Quick Clipper Blades

Use Take Down Quick Blades for Spaniels, Chows, Old English Sheepdogs, Huskies and many other deep-coated or matted dogs. Extra wide blade takes coat off faster.

  • Coarse Blade cuts to a medium-long stubble approximately 3/16" (4.8mm)
  • Medium Blade cuts close, smooth. Leaves hair approx. 1/8" (3.2mm)
  • Fine Blade cuts close, for extremely difficult cuts. Leaves hair approx 1/16" (1.65mm)

Works with all Oster Turbo A-5 Clippers, Power Pro Clippers, and A-5 clippers currently offered by this site. ( A-5 clippers older than 2003 cannot use this blade). Also works with 2 Speed or Super 2-Speed Andis Clippers.

Don't forget Kool-Lube to cool and lubricate your blades.

Customer Review: My friend loaned me one of these blades and it worked so well I wanted my own. They seem to be very hard to find. But here they are, and I am now the proud owner of a shaved Great Pyrenees who is very grateful to have all of those mats and clumps gone for the summer. This blade made the job twice as fast as last year.

Customer Review: It seems unfortunate that these blades will not work on some older clippers. But after your customer service reps explained that they take more power to push them, I also bought a new clipper. (Mine was 9 years old anyway). I am very pleased with how fast they made my job and how well both the clipper and blade performed. I'd recommend the same combination to anyone who wants to clip their large dog for summer.

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Blades for Oster A-5 dog clippers and other brands that use the same replaceable blades.
Oster Blades For Professional A5 Dog Clippers
  • New Cryogen-X with AgION Antimicrobial Dog Clipper Blades
  • Built-in AgION® Antimicrobial protection reduces the growth of a broad range of bacteria, mold and mildew
  • Up to 30 degrees cooler than Standard Oster Blades
  • New technology offers the sharpest, coolest blade possible

The cut indicates the uniform length of hair which will be left when you use the designated blade.

Usually, higher blade numbers indicate shorter length ie: A #3 blade leaves ½" of hair, and a #40 leaves only 1/100 of an inch. For lengths longer than 1/2", use a blade guard or comb.

For the really big jobs or to speed up heavy clip-downs, be sure to see the new Take Down Quick (TDQ) Blades

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Super value. Groom more complicated patterns or use different length cuts for different pets. Blade Guards are easy to use - simply attach the guard comb to the base of the blade, pull up and secure into position. Leaves a longer uniform length.
Oster Dog Clipper Blade Guards, Set Of 7
  • Set of 7 BLADE GUARDS includes:
  • 1/16"
  • 1/8"
  • 1/4"
  • 1/2"
  • 3/4"
  • 1"
  • 1-1/4"

Best performance when used with a #40 blade. Can be used with a #10, #15, or #30 blade.

Use on Andis, Oster A-5 Models, and Lucky Dog Clippers.

, View Larger Image Oster Clipmaster Top & Bottom Blade Combo Set
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Two blades for one price! For Oster® CLIPMASTER® Clippers (610, 520, & 510). Makes short work of body clipping. Built in AgION® Antimicrobial protection reduces the growth of a broad range of bacteria, mold and mildew, so it is great for barns and multiple horses
Oster Clipmaster Top & Bottom Blade Combo Set
    Oster Clipmaster Combo Blades Features:
  • Fine-grain carbon steel that is heat treated to create a hard surface for greater wear resistance
  • Rockwell Hardness Rating of 62
  • Cryogen-X™ process takes the blades down to a -300 degrees for a deep freeze, producing a harder, sharper blade, which extends the blade life
  • Contains: 1 Top Blade and 1 Bottom Blade
  • Use for standard body clipping
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Maintain your clipper for a longer life. Grease is used to lubricate the gears under the face plate of your Oster A-5 clippers and other clippers. Oil is added to the small side port.
Oster Electric Clipper Grease & Lubricating Oil

Using these lubricating products saves time and money and allows you to replace and repair parts less often.

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The new nail grinder makes trimming nails painless and fast. Using the electric nail grinder is less traumatic. Grind a little bit each day to make retracting the nail painless.
Oster Dog Nail Grinder

No pet likes to have his nails shortened. Using the electric nail grinder is less traumatic. Grind a little bit each day to make retracting the nail painless.

    Electric Dog Nail Grinder Features:
  • Lightweight ergonomic design.
  • Finger grips for added comfort and better control.
  • Variable speed allows power level to effectively and safely grind nail.
  • Comes with everything needed to get started.
  • Handy carrying case protects and stores grinder and parts.
    Kit Includes:
  • Corded Nail Grinder
  • Grooming Drum
  • Grinding Stone
  • (2) 60 Grit
  • (2) 100 Grit grooming bands
  • Power Supply
  • Instruction manual & usage tips

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